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Buy ID theft and identity theft insurance coverage with credit fraud and credit freeze alerts, credit monitoring, credit report services, identity theft recovery and data breach solutions

Data Breach And Identity Compromise Solutions
Respond to a data breach, data loss, theft of or stolen laptop for rapid corporate compliance and prevent identity theft 'All-In-One' Data Breach/Rapid Response Program (DBR2sm)

In the event of a security breach of personal data, our 'DBR2' program provides companies with a very cost-effective and efficient way to help protect their customers, employees and members following a data breach/identity compromise event (lost or stolen laptop, database hacked or attack, etc).
The DBR2 program also helps the company with compliance regulations, PR and goodwill.
  • Includes a majority of the 'All-In-One' Identity Theft Program features, available with reduced coverage benefit ($10,000 limit, $100 deductible) and other limitations
  • Rapid notification and compliance services are available
  • Includes ID theft insurance, credit monitoring, credit report and fraud alert services
  • We are sensitive to the situation and your non-disclosure requirements
  • We can provide custom packages and pricing to meet most budgets

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